Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Legitimate paid surveys

There are so many opportunities online where you can earn money. Some promises a"too good to be true" rewards but in reality they are scams. If you want to give your honest reviews and opinions, you should seriously join us at Link From Blog. I was hesitant at first to join this website but when I saw the proof from one of my blogger friends, I was convinced that Link From blog really give legitimate paid surveys for bloggers like me.

What I like about it is that, the reviews does not require numbers of words. As long as you make your point and give your idea on the subject, you can submit it with ease unlike other paid review sites. So guys if you want to have fun and earn cash while doing your usual thing in blogging, just click the badge below and join us!
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I will be posting the proof of my earnings next time, I am almost ready to withdraw it.


  1. Very well said bakla, good job. hope they will give us more task.

  2. Mommy Rose, na approve ako dito, pero di ko alam kung pano mag start.. mag wait lang ba ako ng opportunites??

  3. mom rose hi, ask kulang kung naka pag cash out kana sa payingpost?last sa post mo delay sila nang payment sayo. okay naba ngayon? kasi baka sakin din madelay kulang pa ko ng $10 for 100 cashout. thanks

  4. Hi Shy bakla, oo nga... They do add tasks once in a while din. You just have to constantly check and bid on it.. I like them because all the tasks are simpler.

  5. Hi MomLiz, you have to visit the offer page and bid for the opportunities.. Goodluck!

  6. Hi Khaye, unfortunately, PayingPost did not pay me yet as of this moment. So I stop writing for them, I'll just wait till they pay me and that's it, I will delete my account from them..

  7. yes i had posts from paying post, too but i stopped when i read in her and n other blogs that they seem to be a scam. anyway ty for this tip here about more earning opportnities rose

  8. Good luck on this new endeavor!

  9. another great opportunity.. good luck!

  10. na-approve ako dito kaya lang hindi ko nabigyan ng pansin masyado. i think i should start to post bids now.

  11. hehehe..i don't exactly understand them when they give invitation.. what it is? does it mean I have to do a review already? if its an invitation? I did once but still after doing it, it was still stated as 'undone' do they approve post also? hehe

    by the way mommy about voting so meaning just once in the whole compitition? so I cannot vote anymore? In this case i will post her to my facebook also hehe mangumpanya! godbless!

  12. Thanks Ate Eden..

    Hi Rossel, yeah you should. I didn't know that you have to bid too at first but when I discovered it, I have a lotta fun!

  13. Hi Tejan, you have to submit the post to get it approved. Then you also have to bid para madagdagan yung offer sa yo..

    Thanks for your support tejan!

  14. I only got two opps from them, hopefully the will give me more..


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