Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mountain Park

One of the guy that we know from the church told us about this mountain park which is located just across the lake where we used to go on weekends. So we decided to drive around and check it out.

At first, we thought it is going to be a big park with open space. But when we reach the area, it was actually a huge mountain park where you can do exercise, picnic, and meditation. We looped around the mountain and reached the tunnel, when we came out the tunnel, we were on the express highway again lol.

So then we drove back again and this time we parked at the entrance and walk around the area.

It is beautiful out there. It's a relaxing place with fresh air and you can hear the chirping sound of the birds and smell the fresh scent of flowers and trees.

There's a family whose looking for something on this rocky part..

we strolled.... clicked... clicked.. and clicked..

Our little man, wanted to explore the mother nature too.

One, two, three.. Kimchee!

look at those wood carvings...

Look closely, a pretty chipmunk is sitting on top of the rock..

One of the temple where you can meditate..

I really admire the Korean people because they do take care of their environment and the Korean government really provide for their people.

Some of the buddha sculpture..

There's a lot of picnic tables like this...

There is also a stage with benches around it. I think they use it whenever there are ceremonies.

My model never gets tired of posing hehehe..

She's willing to pose in front of the camera.

And for the finale - beautiful flowers!

Thanks for dropping by folks!


  1. Thanks for living your trail guys! have a nice weekend!

  2. great photos here. walang pagod ang model mo dito, ganda ng smile nia ah.

  3. I get a vacation and an education every time you share your pictures! Thank you.

  4. peeking in here, rose, thanks for the nice photos posted!

  5. halos pareho ng bundok satin, wala nga lang chipmunks..he he he.:)

  6. i love the park, so clean and very relaxing.. thanks for sharing ...

  7. wow! it was worth the trip sis.....ganda ng nature...kaya lang ala na nature places dito samin...heheheh....aside sa park....would love to live close to the woods...kaya lang...baka may mga cayote or bears....waaaaaaa....hahahha

    musta na sis.....daan me dito...just want to say sure nag strolling kau jan....dito bukas pa ang weekend namin....:)

    have a great weekend manang ko..miss you a lot...mwah!

  8. wow kagayun man san mga pictures mo am sure ma miss mo man an korea pag nakabalik na kamu dd

    oi bru thanks for dropping by
    ayu na ako bru trabaho start ko this monday

  9. grabe ganda naman dun! at ang mga anak mo ha. game na game sa pag-smile sa camera. hehe.

    you have a tag waiting at my blog pla. please drop by to grab it :)

  10. wow all the spots are so nice, it is breathtaking nice pictures girl I love it

  11. Amazing and wonderful. Thanks for sharing...

  12. the chipmunk is so pretty! dami naman pasyalan diyan!!!

    rose, I posted a comment for John on Chris Inpirational Insights where his blog is featured, ha? :)

    Take care and kisses to the pretty and gwapitong chipmunks!

  13. dalaw din me dito sis....thanks sa mga comments....mwah!

  14. Aww!!I love beautiful places like Korea!!And family bonding with nature,too!!^_^

  15. nice shots! lovin' it! enjoyable to watch!

  16. Halo bakla. now lng nkavisit ang lola mng bading, day off from blogging ko yesterday.

    Grabe inixplore talga ninyo ang buong korea ano. More family bonding and stuff. The view are so cool bakla. thanks for sharing para na rin andiyan ako.

  17. hi Rose, thank you so much for your patience in teaching me. i will try it and hope i get it right this time.

  18. ang dami tlgang nice views jan sa inyo mare kainggit!!

  19. I liked going along with you on your fun day, you guys sure do walk a lot, it is good for you. I really enjoyed your photos as usual. Have a great week.

  20. Grabe bakla isang araw talga ang lakwatsa ninyo no wonder sumakit ang binti ng asawa mo hehehe, atleast ikaw nag iinjoy ano lol.

    I'll include your mama becs in my prayer bakla hope she is alright.

  21. I am hiking with you and what a beauty! The farthest I've been in Korea was at the airport!

    Thanks for showing me your world and the virtual tour!

    Ebie's Outdoor Wednesday.

  22. that park looks amazing! It is so beautful!

  23. Beautiful park! I especially like the bridge.

    My post for Wednesday is now published. Click Here to join me. I'd love for you to stop by today.

  24. Enjoyed your trip to the park. I did a tour of St. Augustine and the ancient fort there. Hope you enjoy it, too.

    Happy Outdoor Wed.


    Sheila :-)

  25. What a wonderful family outing. I hope you are having a wonderful Outdoor Wednesday.

  26. Very beautiful park...I am curious where it is? Is it outside of Seoul? I spent time on Jeju Island and was always amazed at the temples hidden back in the mountains there. We visited several temples on our hikes. Korea is a very beautiful country with sweet people!

  27. Great pictures and darling family. I loved Mountain looked so big and had lots of fun things to see.
    Enjoy your day

  28. I'm so happy Rylie won the smile award!

    That park looks so cool and lovely. It looks like a perfecrt place to spend the day with the children.

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday!

  29. I lost track of you and just saw your name and blog again! I am enjoying seeing your photos. Your children are getting so big! Blessing!


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