Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Did you miss me?

Hello there everyone, how is your day today? My daughter's first day to the Bible Study went great despite of my worries. When she came home yesterday, her first sentence was "Did you miss me?" And I said "Of course sweetie, very much!". She was so excited to tell me about her experience.

She gave me the dragon fly design key chain that she made and a wristband with "Watch for God" in it.
When she came home yesterday, she immediately grabbed her coloring book and started painting. For a while I thought she was just doing her stuff until I noticed that she wasn't in the table anymore. I thought she went to the bathroom, but she's not there. I looked in in EJ's bedroom, our bedroom, and her bedroom but she's not there either. I found her sleeping on this chair. I guess she was so exhausted from their activities.
So I transferred her in her bed..
My husband volunteered to drove the kids yesterday in Daegu so I was at ease.


  1. oh my gosh...poor pretty rye...kawawa naman to...super exhausted, ayan tuloy nakatulog sa chair.....ehhehehe....buti d nahulog sis...ehhehee....:)

  2. what a kind daughter that you have. :)

  3. hello.. my mom is from bicol. ganda talaga bicolana di ba?

  4. aaaw that is so sweet Mommy Rose. sarap din talaga may daughter noh?

    and she's very, very pretty!

  5. She's really so, so, so cute! Pa-kiss! Wawa naman si Rylie, napagod!

  6. wow,bible study, thats good for the kid Rose,What group is she joining.
    I really adore parents who teach thier children the importance of God!

  7. the baby is so cute... hehehe

  8. oh my.. can i hug her please... mwah..she's so so pretty...

  9. halu.. ka cute imo mga baby.. imo girl how adorable;) thanks for the comment u left on my page.. i'll add na this link of yours then i'll follow also;) see u around! Godbless!

  10. Ahhhh kakaawa naman tingnan dalaga mo bakla parang pagod na pagod sa bible study nya. Buti pa si rylie may bibliya and knows how to read one. Ang ganda talaga ng umbringing mo bakla, sana ganyan din mga anak ko kung lumaki ano hehehe.

  11. Rylie looks like a sleeping angel. Mabuti naman nag Bible study siya para lumaki siyang may banal na pagkatakot sa Diyos. It's nice that you and John allowed her to go to Bible school. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

  12. hay cute cute nya! visiting here Rose, take care and hugs to her.

  13. Hi rose!

    Kawawa naman ang baby mo,nakatulog dahil pagod.
    pero,ang kyut n'ya talaga!
    sana may ganyan din ako kaganda.

  14. ang cute ni Rye.

    ganda ng nagawa niya sa Bible Study. Good job, Rye!

  15. so kawaii naman.. such a cute ( and rare shot ) when she fell asleep on the chair.. sleeping beauty =)


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