Monday, June 15, 2015

Roadtrip after the 4th of July

 Last year, we made a mistake of going on a road trip the day after the  4th of July.  Our destination was Ocean City and we didn't thought that many people are heading to the beach  as well. We were stuck in the congested traffic in Maryland.  I think we were sitting there for  almost three hours and it was tough especially if you have  kids  traveling with you.
 We didn't use the full 6 days that we have booked because we were bored already after   4 days of going back and forth in the ocean and in the  amusement park there.  So on the fifth day, we decided to come back even though we already paid  for another two days in the hotel.  No, we didn't get a refund but it was okay, we want to come home already.
 Coming back, we were again hit by the same luck with traffic in Pittsburgh.  We were so  bummed and the heat of the sun wasn't helping  either even though we have an air condition on  in the van.
 To divert my   call of nature feeling, I  just  started taking pictures.  The GPS took us where we have never driven before in Pittsburgh so it was  kind of new to me.
 I just busied myself  taking photos of the beautifully  designed  architectural buildings.  I find it fascinating how ornate  these old buildings are.

 There's so much to enjoy  in big cities like Pittsburgh.  Being stuck in a traffic is not a bad thing sometimes.  You just have to make use of the time you have while the car is sitting in the middle of the road.
 I think if I live in Pittsburgh, I would spend a day or two  just walk all around the city, take photos  of the beauty that surrounds the  city of bridges.
This year, we are going on a road trip again, this time we are going to Virginia Beach and  nope, we are not leaving right after the  4th of July.  We chose not to lol.  I actually told our friend who is leaving  to go to Myrtle Beach the same day that we did last year.  I told her good luck and hope that they don't hit any traffic.  

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