Monday, June 15, 2009

Going Away Party

We were invited to a going away party for our favorite and very good friend Kuya Noel. He will be leaving at the end of this month. Kuye Noel is a well-like person because he is true, a real person inside and out. We will going to miss you Kuya! That's one part of the military life i don't like, you meet good friends and then when its time to leave its hard.
John and Dennis..
Dennis' wife Marjorie with yours truly.

Before I left, we took this picture outside where the men are having a drinking spree...
John and the kids went home earlier than me, Rylie just did not want to stay there because all the kids were boys and she did not have anyone to play.


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  2. i know what you mean, it's always sad to say goodbye to people no? ;-(

  3. Come and Go are part of life. Enjoy it.

  4. Hi Blue, we'll be there lateh, thanks for the invite..

    Hi cpsanti, super mahirap... I am glad that hubby will be done in the navy so, we can finally settle in one place for good..

    Thanks Dana!

  5. Ang saya sana, may party.. kaya lang paalaman naman. Lungkot din!

    Thanks for adding me up here, Rose.

  6. ayos din sina twins, grabe atake allergy ko mads..
    kaya palan wara ka kan nag ym ako ta nakiparty hehe...

  7. Hmm.. your Kuya Noel? Kasama rin sa US Navy service?

  8. Hi chubskulit, what a cute name, hope i didnt get it wrong. :):)
    I am also a follower of your blog now. :):)

  9. its hard talaga for a good friend to leave. but anyway, very soon another party again, di mo mamamalayan, that's welcoming home of your good friend naman.

  10. it looks like you had a lot of fun

  11. muntik ko tong mamiss ah...hehehe...dami mo kasi opps dito eh....hehehe...:)

    dami pala pinay jan sis ano...barkadamo mo ba sila lahat? heheheh....:) farewell party pala ito...thanks for sharing...:)

  12. ang slim nman ng friend ko dito, ako damulag na hahhhahahh


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