Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Enchanting beauty of Palm Tree

There are plenty of palm trees in Jejudo which accentuate the over all look of the gorgeous island. I find it very interesting how the baby leaves looks like dead and they grow into a long stemmed, full-of-life, and refreshing color when they mature.
Here's our Princess Rylie posing in front of the palm tree hehehe..
Thanks for dropping by once again!


  1. I like your blog ^_^. I have added you to my Blog list.

    Thanks for the visit and comment.

  2. daan din me dito sis...salamat sa dalaw...:)

  3. I have always love palm trees, especially under moonlight, by the beach....and a sarong lady beside the tree, ha ha. Lee.

  4. Ay, akala yung pink part ng palm tree e flower nya. Young leaves pala!
    Ang ganda!

  5. Aha, that's why you love palm tress u. Lee hehehe because of the sarong lady lol..

  6. Akala ko nga din Tita Beng, yun pala yung baby leaves nya yun hehehe


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