Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I woke up early today because I wanted to start jogging again. I gained too much bilbil (tummy fat) during our three weeks vacation in the Philippines and my husband is teasing me about it. He said I look like preggy lol. During our family walk one day, he showed me the jogging trail here inside the base. I never jog there before so I tried it today and 'm glad I did. I had to bring my camera so I can capture the scenery and share it to you guys.
From our house, there's a road going up where the jogging trail starts.
So while walking, I took pictures of some angles of the rising sun to inspire me hehehe..
Here's the start of the jogging trail.Going down...

I can't resist this dead but beautiful tree.
I saw something ran across here but I wasn't sure what it was.
I passed by this sign that says 1 mile. Yippeeee!

Then I continued with my goal going down..
This is at the bottom of the housing

Ain't this a very peaceful scene? I have to stop here coz I was running out of breath lol..
The end of the jogging trail... few more steps from here is the GYM but I didn't drop by because I was tired already.. This only shows that I am so out of shape wahhh... Next time I'll do it a little more faster without a camera on my hand hehehe..

By the time I was done, the sun is up. When I came home, my sweet hearts were awake and hubby is making pan cakes for breakfast.. Awesome! I got sick though when I stop, i got dizzy and laid down a bit.. Hubby said that it might be because of the yellow dust but I guess its because it's been a long while since I last jog. I'm sure God will take care of me from the Yellow Dust... amen!

Oh by the way, I've never done this before but I found out that if you bring some mint to chew in, you won't get thirsty. So there you go guys, my jogging adventure. Hope the scenery, could somehow give you some motivation for today...

Have a nice day folks. Thanks for dropping by and leaving your marks...


  1. Ang ganda ng pagkakakuha ng pics mo,Ate Rose!!Parang pro!!

    Nag-jogging ka pa eh,sexy ka naman?!

  2. Talagang kahit saan dala dala camera ha ha kahit ako ganyan c hubby teas sometimes

  3. Good one...I do go every morning.

    Keep blogging, of course jogging too...(-:

  4. Thanks for the info about the mint to chew so you won't get thirsty btw I have an award for you

    Have a lovely weekend!!!

  5. It's nice to exercise not only to do away with excess fat but to keep our bodies healthy. Jogging on a picturesque trail gives an adding motivation to jog. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

  6. Oh, I so love these pictures. Beautiful place to start one's day. Wow! I love to jog too. Kaso lang dito, all I can see when I jog are houses, walang ka nature-nature. This is nice, Rose. :D

  7. You perfectly captured the sun girl, I really like it.

  8. talaga namang pinagpaguran ang mga pix na kuha..mula pagsikat ng araw gang sa maliwanang na...alam mo tita ang sarap magbakasyon dito sa pinas ano? kaya ka tumaba dahil dito nga siguro....niloloko ka ni hubby, sige at magpapayat ka po ulit..

  9. wohooo...what can I say? great job did a great jo...I envy your jogging adventure....hehhehe..can't wake up that early...because I sleep late...wahahhaha!

    you funny imagine kita...while jogging..naka take ka pa ng mga photos...hehehe..thanks for sharing!

  10. wow great shots
    like a pro
    by the way thanks for dropping by
    have a great day and happy blogging

  11. hahaha i'm gaining weight here too. I know I will spend a lot of time in treadmill when i come back from my two months vacation. thanks for visit.

  12. wow jogging =)
    naku sis ako wala ng jogging since i got here in US =(

    parang nagge-gain na nga ako ng weight..hmmm sometime siguro...

    i love your pics sis ^_^ ganda ng mga kuha...

    by the way sis, thanks for the comment you left in my page ^_^

  13. Great job! Naku ako 5 minutes sa treadmill e hingal na hingal na e ano pa kaya kung 1 mile. hehehe! At thanks sa tip about chewing mint para di mauhaw.

  14. that is so nice at may sign pa na nag one mile ka na parang nakaka inspire na mag jog nang another mile diba? happy jogging and i like the scenery too thanks for sharing.

  15. Maybe manny pacquioa should know this place for his regular Jogging...hehehehehe

    a lovely trail for jogging indeed....

    btw,i like ur header kabayan!..kudos to Dhemz for a job well done...talentado!...hehehehe

    may regards to Joops and ur chikitings..hehehehe...feeling close enoh..

    Godbless kabayan!...

  16. Love the photos Mommy Rose..Great shots..

  17. Hoiist bakla, anong bilbil pinagsasabi mo, ang slim mo na ano pang fats dapat mong tanggalin niyan. Well in fairnes ganda nga jogging trail mo very peaceful. I love the serenity of the peace, parang maiisip mo talaga lahat ng utang diyan awwww wala na pala kayong utang ano. I hope you enjoyed your jogging bakla.

  18. nature photo ang ganda naman...peaceful place...

    thanks for your nice comment and visit...

  19. Obviously you posted this before...since a lot of the comments are posted from back in April!!

    It's beautiful.

    My O W is a nearby marshland with waterfowl and Autumn colors...and a surprise L N Monster visit!!!

    Come by and see

  20. Nice set of pictures sarap pala mag jogging jan ganda ng views next time i sama mo ako lol...

  21. Great series of photos. Looks like a great jogging trail.

  22. These pictures did inspire me and I've never heard that about the mint. I will have to try it. Thanks for stopping to visit me. I deleted that post for you. I'm so glad I found you. My very best friend in the world is Filipina and I was fortunate enough to spend one summer in the Philippines when I was teenager with her. I'm going to go look around your site some more. Blessings.

  23. Great pictures - thanks for sharing. I had never heard that about the mint before.

  24. That's very interesting about the mint making your thirst dissipate. I'll remember that. Thanks! And I hope you're feeling better. Oh, if I were only fit enough to run like that. Have fun doing it!

    Love to you and your hubby (and family) and Happy Veterans Day...


    Sheila :-)

  25. I'm going to say I think you might have gotten dizzy because you were exercising on an empty stomach. You didn't say so but if you went out jogging first thing after waking up, you might have had a drop in blood sugar.
    The trail is beautiful.
    Shame on hubby for laughing at your tummy.
    Mama Bear

  26. I loved to jog with you this morning. Your pictures are just great. Have a wonderful Outdoor Wednesday.

  27. I just kept thinking as you said you were going downhill that at some point it was going be uphill to get back. Glad you made it back for pancakes.

  28. oh I remember this post...hehehhee...joke lang sis....when was the last time you jog?

  29. Great shots! Looks like a very pretty place to walk or jog. Thanks for the tip about mints, I will have to try it.

    Thank you for taking us jogging with you (I needed it)!

    ~ Tracy

  30. I like to walk more than jog! :-) It looks like a nice trail to jog on and I'll rememebr thr mint idea..thanks!

  31. This looks like a lovely spot to jog (or in my case walk) Your photos of the sun coming up are beautiful. Kathy

  32. Mabuti naman at nakapag jogging ka. Napakaganda nga nang scenery sa jogging trail na yun. Napagod ka siguro nang husto kaya medyo nahilo ka. Ang pagja jogging kasi ay dapat gradual at hindi binibigla. Kailangan ding ma warm up at stretching exercises bago mag actual jogging para ma loosen up ang mga tight muscles. Pag hindi mo ginawa ito ay baka magka cramps ka na talagang masakit sa mga muscles na nag tigthen up. Mabuti naman at pareho kayong health at fitness buffs ni John. Sana ma train nyo rin yung dalawang chikiting nyo na maging mahilig mag exercise hanggang sa paglaki nila. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  33. I want to start to exercise - But then winter, cold, snow and slush are coming, so maybe in spring 2010...

  34. Hi :o)
    I saw you had posted a comment on my mom's blog today. I really enjoyed your post. What a pretty jogging trail you have access to! I wish I had one close by.... I plan to start taking my dog for a walk in the mornings to get some extra exercise. Hope I can stick with it, and I hope you can to. God bless! ~ Angel

  35. I have enjoyed the jog , I think I am tired too lol. Great Post, Great Pics.

  36. nakakagana naman magjog sa trail na yan.. goodluck ha, sana tuloy tuloy yan lol..

  37. I would love to go for a "walk" on the jogging trail with looks like a lovely place to run. I like the way you took pictures of the sun coming up!


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