Monday, April 27, 2009

Je-Hwangsan 3

This is the last part of our Je-Hwangsan park adventure. Pictures were taken at the bottom of the park except the first one. Here in Korea, street vendors are pretty much everywhere, just like in the Philippines. The only difference is that its so clean here, they're very discipline when it comes to surrounding cleanliness.

Here's John and Rylie looking at the flowers for sale.

Here's the fresh fruits. Strawberries here are sweet and yet very cheap.

One thing I learned here is that, if you are not planning to buy, don't hold or ask about it or else they get mad when you don't buy 'em.. I don't know if it applies to everybody but I experienced it twice.
Alrighty, thanks a lot friends for always visiting and sharing your opinions and ideas.


  1. Hala really? wahhh I used to ask questions before I buy kasi Id like to know if that is mahal or not and if that is expensive di ko bibilhin hahanap ako ng iba lol

  2. sarap ng mga fruits.
    Hindi ko muna hahawakan yong tinda nila pag di ko alam magkano presyo hehe

  3. Been here today and giving you new award..just grab anytime you want...take care and God bless

  4. E mabuti pa pala dito kahit hawakan pwede. Ang susungit naman ng tindera dyan. hehehe!

  5. Ganda naman ng bonding moments and the fruits yummy. Btw I have an award for you

    Have a great weekend!!

  6. gigil si tita anney dito o, paano nga naman aba dito sa pinas ay pede mo pisil pisilin kahit di ka bibili, dyan pala di pede..

  7. culture ninda an mads, sato ok lng mag!

  8. lol to anney and payatot!
    ikaw eh,pisil ka ng pisil tinda ko di ka naman bili!(ayan,nag tsekwa tuloy ako lol!)

  9. that was a unique structure of a building in the 1st have enjoyed a lot your travel in korea.

  10. Really?? Halaka eh tayong mga pinoy eh hawak muna bago ask nang price simhotin pa kung matamis nga tapos bili na or di kaya thank you sa kurot nang fruit hehe. Iba-iba talaga kultura natin ano?
    I can't wait for strawberry picking here too last year I had a blast eating while picking the strawberry right at the strawberry farm.


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