Wednesday, November 18, 2009

EJ's One Year Milestone

Unlike Rylie's first birthday, EJ had a big one. We invited family and friends. My husband and I cooked and my other filipina friends offered to make some filipino foods too. We had a lot of food actually. It was so much fun with I think there are over 40 people who came.
Do you think EJ look like me? I think he does, with the exception of the color of his eyes hehehe..

Here's EJ eating pansit..

In our living room, after the chow time.

With our very nice neighbors, the Howells

Mommy and sissy busy opening the gifts while EJ concentrating on his fave gift hehehe..

EJ loved this Dinosaur walker from Ninang Raquel
Ate Agnes Kinder and her beautiful daughter Jennifer..
Here's the proud daddy hehehe...
Shelby and Jen, John's brother Dave and his son Bryan.
taken in our dining room...
With our niece Jen..
Our neighbor Mr. and mrs. Fancher and my filipina close friend Raquel and her husband Tom.

Even John's Aunt and her husband from Ohio came to join the celebration. Thanks for visiting and commenting guys....


  1. wow what a party,...hheh....thanks for sharing he's going to have a bday party right? sa PI? dami din pala neighbor mo na pinay sis...buti ka pa....hehhe..sana neighbor din tayo....hehhehe! bang sinasabi mo na kamukha ni Tweng? hehhe....may similarities nga sila...hehhehe...:)

  2. I enjoyed going through your party, looks like every one had fun. Your children are so cute and I think EJ looks like you. It is nice when friends get together and have fun. Happy Birthday EJ.

  3. Cute baby boy EJ !!! Nice compilation of his 1st b'day ....

    Belated B'day wishes ............ :)

  4. Buti pa kayo maraming friends na pinoy dyan sa inyo!!Buti di ka nahirapan sa big party nyo Te,ang dami nyong bisita!!

    Ingat po sa biyahe,Ate Rose!!^_^

  5. wow! Happy Birthday little EJ. Looks like he had lots of gifts c: and yes he looks like you yup except the color of his eyes c:

    yehey! makakauwi kna am sure excited na kayo lahat c: bukas na! c: ingat mare c: and enjoy san nga pla ang province nyo? c:

  6. Hmmm..mukhang mas engrande nga ang party EJ Mommy Rose..mas maraming visitors..but either way I think both kids had fun on their b-days..

  7. Congratulation on you and your baby's new milestone. Your baby is so cute! Thanks for sharing

  8. Mukhang ang saya ng party! At mukhang busog na busog din kayo! hehehe! Happy trip to the Phil!

  9. Happy Birthday EJ! Wishing you more birthdays to come. That was a fun party!

    By the way, I have an award for you. Please get it at my blog. Thanks.:D

  10. belated happy birthday to the little one. he's soo cute. ano color ng eyes niya sis? :)

    anyways, got a tag for u...

  11. I am here ate. This looks like a grand party. I am sure your son is very happy for his birthday. They love gifts and birthday cake. Kiss and hugs to him.

    You're too luck ate to have a lot of filipina friends. Hoping ganon din sa akin kaya lang malalayo sila nasa Seattle, Ohio, Tennessee at California.

  12. Oh yeah, I agree. Your son looks like you a lot. :)

  13. Hello Rose, musta na, I have a tag for you, I hope you like it....

    Have a nice day...

  14. looks like he really enjoyed his day. please extend our belated greetings to your little boy.

  15. Special wishes to cute EJ and the rest to you all!

  16. EJ grew so much. The last time I saw his photo was in your another blog and he's not this big. He also became "whiter" than before.

  17. Hi Rose! How are you? Just want to let you know that I already did the Best Mom Award that you gave me. Thanks uli, ha. Take care and good day! :D

  18. Great party...happy late bday to your little one! :)

  19. Bonga ang party ni son ah sistah... uummm punta sna me dyn pero wla me invitation eh.. huhuhuhu iyak nlng ako...hahahah prang true~!! uy musta na bkasyonista ngayon? hope you enjoy your time with families back home.... I bet you are... andyn dn sana kmi, but we'll be soon....

  20. Congratulations!

    You had great party. Photos are lovely!

  21. wow! belated happy birthday sa anak mo Rose! see you when you get back... and I see you when I get back too...

  22. Happy St.Patrick's Day!!

    How are you,Ate Rose??Hope all is well with you and the family!Regards!!^_^

  23. Belated happy birthday to EJ! dami nyo palang visitors. great to see EJ enjoyed his party, too!

  24. Hi Rose! Medyo late na yata ako sa party ni EJ! Belated happy birthday na lang kay cutie boy!
    Am sure your havinf a grand time with your family here in the Phils.!

  25. Belated Happy birthday to your son, Nice pictures..

    BTW I have a tag for you, I hope you like it...have a nice day...

    Keep on smiling...

  26. Hope you enjoyed the party. Belated Happy birthday to your son......

  27. Wow your photos are wonderful and your baby looks like mommy and daddy just beautiful.

    Found you on ChickenHeart

    Dorothy from grammology


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