Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cagsawa Ruins

My friend Jane and her family gave us a tour in some of the tourist spots in Albay province last March 22. Our first stop was in Cagsawa Ruins. Passing by the road to Cagsawa, I can't believe how much damage the typhoon Reming did to the place. It was so developed when I left and now the road look like this. Some of the houses were washed away by flood that came from heavy rain and the lava from Mayon Volcano. Here are some snapshots we took during our stay there. Here's Jane family with me and the kids, EJ was sleeping.
They still have the swimming pool, my daughter freaked out because we didn't bring her bathing suit and she really wanted to plunge in the water.

Do you like those orchids for sale? hehehe

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Baldon and Siapno family for spending quality time with us while were there. Thanks also to Haidz and Mike for your wonderful friendship. We're gonna miss you guys for sure..


  1. wow nice place manang..breathtaking views....may typhoon pala dyang bago? sowe d na kasi ako nagwatch nag balita sa pinas...hehehe!

    woi colorful pala tong orchids for sale...hehehe...joke!

    thanks for sharing the pics manang...I have fun...hehhe..EJ was tired...hehhehe...:)

  2. nice orchids,,,ano bulaklak nila hehehe

  3. the photos shows that you really enjoyed your short tour. it's good that the tragedy is now less remembered there.

    enjoy your trips!

  4. Hi girl that is so sad na na wash out yung mga bahay :( pero alam ko makakaya pa din ng pinoy yan,

  5. hahaha i like that orchids for sale picture...very rare na mga orchids yan ha! hehe..

  6. Looks like you had a good time, thanks for sharing the pictures and thanks for coming by. No the lady was very sarcastic to me.

  7. nice view rose, nag enjoy talaga kayo sa atin.
    thanks for sharing.

  8. that is very interesting orchids :-), never seen those kinds before :-).

  9. Nakakatuwa ang mga orchids! hehehe! Ang saya saya naman!

  10. thanks for sharing Rose, hay naku talaga nga naman pag nature na ang magalit noh? i added this blog in my two blogs already, just check it okay..

    saya naman ng adventure ninyo Rose, kumusta si mother mo? super surprise ba sila? kumusta na pala yung prolem mo sa passport ba yun ? i just got back from blogging, having been away for five days din....i still have to read some update here... be back okay

  11. Hi Rose,
    I love your photos. Your family is a picture of love and joy and I hope it stays that way forever. Your children are so fortunate to have parents like you and Joops who take good care of all their needs. I am so happy to note that you actually enjoyed your vacation in the Philippines in spite of all the hassles at the DFA. Praise the Lord for all the wonderful things He has done for you and your family. Thanks for the wonderful post. God bless you all always.

  12. Hi Rose,
    Those are wonderful photos of your vacation in the Philippines. Your husband and kids seemed to have enjoyed their stay at Bicol with all the wonderful places you visited. Did your husband like the taste of Mazapan sweets and other pili delicacies? They are better than chocolates. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  13. ang saya-saya naman dyan Ate Rose!!Talagang nag-enjoy kayo!!

  14. nice photos...home sweet home talaga at ala ng iba pa... :)

    thanks sa comments...

  15. Nice place, nature is the best!

  16. nandito na naman ako...blog hop na naman para maka bawi

  17. the place seems to be so nice
    its nice to be here in your blog as well
    i like the layout of yours
    would you like an xlinks?
    just let me know my friend
    have a great day and happy blogging

  18. Thanks for stopping by my blog and your kind comment. Feel free to visit again. Cheers!

  19. hello thanks for dropping by and thanks for including my link actually im done putting your link na although its on my main blog at Bluedreamer's Top Five
    thanks talaga
    have a great day and happy blogging

  20. hi girl, Dhemz told me my PR is back but, i still did not check it, nawala yun parang almost 2 months na yata...glad mr.G gave it back hay naku ...

    musta Korea?hoping you are safe, i heard na they are on the watch now...i am not paying attention with the news but, about missile ...

    anyway, be safe

  21. kakainggit naman kayu buti nadalaw nyu yung cagsawa ruins

    oi bru amu ayu na pr su babay blog ko makangalas hehehe

  22. Great place .... wonder to an eye !!

  23. thanks for comment. I'm here in Pinas now!

  24. Looks like you had a great time. Very good! :D

  25. mukhang walang katapusan na enjoyment ah.
    nice naman
    parang pagod na pagod na ang princepe mo at sarap na ang pagkakatulog sa kandungan mo . swerte ang mga anak mo. you always have a quality time with them

  26. sad to see the ruins but glad to see the happy faces in those pics. that was a blast vacation u've had sis.

    following u on twitter now too, and thanks for following me.

    take care, sis. mwahugs!

  27. hiya sistah, wow I didn't you have posted your trip already! wow nice places dangz... glad you enjoyed your vacation... so how was everything then?

    Sorry to have not been visited your blogs, been very poorly tlga these past days, lagi nagrereklamo baby ko, sumasakit ulo at katawan ko..anyway,feel a bit better now, babawi nlng ako hehhehehe...

    have really missed you too dangz, and I am so glad to hear from you again...

    will visit your other blogs and will read posts too...

    Btw, for your info my baby blog has already been out for business! hehehehe.. si dangz dhemz gumawa ng layout, ganda kya grabe...

    Cge dangz, see you again soon, HAPPY SUNDAY!! please give my hugs and kisses to kids.. mwah mwah mwah

  28. Ang saya ng magbakasyon lalo't kasama mo ang buo mong pamilya 'no?
    Nakita kon na naman ang magandang tanwin ng Bicol! Gusto ko na ulit bumalik.

    Thanks for the PR info, Rose. Unbelievable ito! he he..

  29. kawawa naman yong mga tao nawalan ng bahay.

    i like that pic with orchids for sale..hehehe


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