Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Cards

Welcome to my new blog, for a starter, I am sharing the Christmas cards we've received in the snail mail from friends and family.

During special occasions like Valentines day, birthdays and anniversaries, Christmas and other celebrations, I prefer receiving cards more than gifts. I always told my husband that, cards are lasting rembrance that you could reminisce over time. Here are the cards we got this yuletide season...
This is from my loving husband. He wrote "Thank you Hon for the wonderful life you have given me" inside... Gave me teary eyes when I read it...

This is the one I gave him..
This one is from our very good friends from blogosphere Demcy and Greg with a newsletter in it. I love this Idea manang, I think I may have to steal it when we get back to mainland hehehe..
This one is from the godmother of our son from Germany. Fe and Mike are having twins. Welcome and goodluck to parenthood/momhood mads!
We got this one from my husband's teenhood friend Joe Destefano. I always like their personalized Christmas card with their three sons.
This one came all the way from the Philippines from our close friend Ate Chay
This one is from my sister in law and Gail.. We miss you guys a lot!
We got this one from our neighbor back in West Virginia, the Fancher family..
Ate Emily gave us this one. She's from Korea but she's in the Philippines right now enjoying her vacation..
This one is from my close friend back in West Virginia. Im so sorry Manay for your loss, I know its hard. I been there so I know how it feels.
So there you go friends... I will leave you A question, do you prefer gifts during Christmas? Do you care much about Christmas Cards?


  1. grabe ang card mo pwede kana mag tinda sa national bookstore lol..
    -anything thought it counts.maski talpi lng ok na...

  2. eu baga mads, thanks for commenting dawa malaen pagmati mo hehe...

  3. Hi Chubs,

    How sweet it is to be love by you... am i singing?

    You're really blessed as a couple. May your love continue until the end of time.

    Happy New Year to you, Joops and kids!

    Show Me Your Interest

    Taste Buds

    Katha ni Sam

  4. Wow, dami mo na receive Christmas Cards sis, pahingi nman... hehehe... kmi uuummm pano kasi nsa bundok! malayo sa kabihasnan! hahahah...

    Anyway, cge will add this one sa 3 blogs ko... busy for New Year's Eve na?


    Yes, apparently til now still waiting for the approval of my BLOGS SA LOUDLAUNCH... tagal noh!!...

  5. hi girl thanks for droping at my site, nice card u got here. anyway can we ex links i also following this blog.

  6. I don't celebrate Christmas, but I do enjoy getting cards for other occasions. I always save my cards. My husband thinks I'm weird, I have a couple of boxes full of them! I love the card with the 3 boys on it! That's so funny! =D

  7. halo manang ko sweet naman ni juan...hehhe! thanks for including ours...agreed ako kay preggo...kahit anything basta may thoughts...hehhe...:) Wow kambal? bonga naman tong si Tfaye...hehhe..dinoble pa...:)

  8. Bundok ba hehehe.... Okay lang yan sis mads, as long as you are with your hubby, it doesnt matter where you are diba..

  9. How come you don't celebrate Christmas Heidi? Religion conflict?

    Yeah, i like that one too...

  10. Hi Anne, don't worry, i'll be adding your links on my list... just give me time..

  11. Oo nga mang dhemz, jackpot itong si kumareng fe hehehhe....

  12. hey rose! i will add this up to my blog roll too..

    i have to think about that card giving during christmas time.. it cost less but the thought really really counts!:)

    kisses to the beautiful angels ha. mwah mwah

  13. Merry Christmas and happy new year dear sista :)
    GBY and fam

  14. Wow!~ So many Xmas Cards.. ;)

    Happy New Year!

  15. You want some Lil' Prince Mum? hhehehee..

  16. Wow! you received plenty of cards! nakaka-touch yung card from your hubby with matching love notes pa ;)

    It's really great to receive cards. Kaso, puro text and email messages nlng ang na receive ko these days, haha. Maybe because it's faster and easier to send and receive pero it's still nice to get cards kasi mas personalize and the thought really counts. Happy New Year to all of you!

  17. wow galing naman... I love those cards and I was so touched with the cards you exchanged with your hubby, super loving and super sweet...hmm..


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