Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The City of Bridges

Pittsburgh  is a city in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in the United States and has  a total population of 304,391, being the 63rd largest city in the United States.  Pittsburgh is  beautiful but a very busy city.  Driving around Pittsburgh is scary to me (well, I get scared even driving in our  small city, so, LOL).  It's hard to find a parking space  specially when you are  at the Strip district where a lot of vendors and shoppers are.
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Pittsburgh is well known as City of Bridges.  The Bridges of Pittsburgh play an important role in the city's transportation system. Without bridges, the Pittsburgh region would be a series of fragmented valleys, hillsides, river plains, and isolated communities.  According  to a study, Pittsburgh has 446 bridges, and with its proximity to three major rivers and countless hills and ravines.
We go to Pittsburgh when we want to buy some Asian  products.  We do not have an Asian store here in Weirton so we drive  there just to buy specific things that our local store here doesn't have.  Walmart has  some Asian products but not much.  They don't really have  Filipino goodies that  we normally want to have.
You have to know what's going on in Pittsburgh before driving there because if you get  stuck in  traffic, you are doomed, lol.  The worse time to drive  to Pittsburgh is when there is an event like a concert nearby because you will surely be in the middle of traffic.
My husband used to work in the federal building in Pittsburgh and he would always  leave for work early in the morning just so  he won't deal with the heavy traffic right around normal time when everybody drive to work.
My husband is a really good  driver, he is seasoned when it comes to it but just like me, his sense of direction is not that great so whenever we   would go  some place, we would always have our GPS.  We still get lost once in a while  even with GPS!  But it is always about the journey so we try to enjoy it as much as we can.
These photos aren't  beautiful but  all of these  were taken with a moving vehicle is  it kind of hard to  find a perfect shot.  I hope you enjoy some  parts of the City of Bridges.  Here are more  photos.

Merging into this traffic is a tricky thing, if you aren't decisive enough, you will end up missing your  intended  route.  Glad our chauffeur is always ion high alert  and never missed it.
As beautiful and busy as Pittsburgh is, I still look forward to returning to our  quite  and small city of Weirton. 

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