Monday, July 15, 2013

Gorgeous Homecoming Dresses

Mermaid Sweetheart Floor-Length Taffeta Prom Dress With Beading Sequins (018005254)I always tell my kids that they are very lucky that  they can enjoy the things that I never  had when I was growing up.    I tell them these things  so that they  could draw some inspiration from it.  Not all  children are fortunate enough to  have things that they  can  enjoy as kids.  I told them that I never owned a shoes when I was  in elementary because  my parents can't afford to buy  all nine kids each a pair.  

I remember when I was in High School, a friend of mine lent me  one of her dresses just so I could attend our  JS Prom.  I never a had the luxury to wear any of the gorgeous  prom gown that you can see nowadays.  I have no regrets with my experiences though but thankful that we can provide for  our children.  They don't have to   go through what I have  gone through in life, God-willing.


  1. We never had the opportunity to dress up like that when we left school, I would have loved to, they are gorgeous dresses.

  2. My sister loved all of those types of events, I never attended any of them. They are pretty and the events I am sure are fun. I will share this with a friend who is going to some kind of summer party where they all get to dress up.

  3. I am in love with that black dress featured in the review. Now, to find a reason to wear it!

  4. I never attended any of those events myself. I do have to attend formal events now and would love to have the black dress.

  5. People who attends a homecoming especially ladies wants to look great and these dresses are elegant and classy.

  6. I love that pink mermaid dress, it's very unique.

  7. Very lovely choices, I bet they have more pretty dresses online. At least I can share this with one of my niece when they have prom someday.

  8. Those dresses are beautiful but I will go with the last one!

  9. gorgeous dresses. I always loved this kind of dresses. i remember my pageant days. LOL

  10. Those are lovely choice of dresses. This is really perfect for homecoming and even to any formal ball.

  11. Those are beautiful dresses for homecoming!


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