Friday, May 3, 2013

Tree Carvings

We saw this  carvings on the tree when we went for  our three mile walk a couple of weeks ago.  IT was one of the highlights of our walk as my husband and daughter imitate this face on the tree.  I will post the picture next time.

My son said it looks like a MooMoo hehehe.


  1. Cute, I love this tree! Great find! Happy Weekend!

  2. That was very artistic for your guys to see it as a carving and put eyes on it. Now it looks like a face but it's looks scary though...he looks like he's in distress....

  3. Hehehehheeh! that's scary tree. This would be perfect if they put it in the middle of the rice field heheeh

  4. I like the second photo! Your hubby and daughetr trying to mimic the tree's expression.

  5. Your family's take on the tree face is funny. :) That tree sure looks like very surprised!

    Ria C

  6. Reminded me of talking trees in the Lord of the Rings. Those two are really wacky pose buddies, hehe.

  7. Great find! Wonder who thought to make a face out of that knot hole in the tree--really good!!

  8. I've never seen tree carvings in person before, looks like fun! Great photos!

  9. this is a funny and scary tree at the same time hehehhe

  10. what a cute carving :) your hubby is funny!

  11. LOL. Your husband does a good imitation of the tree's expression!

  12. Hehehe ... he is so funny :-) I love the art work !


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