Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Brown's Island

We always o fr a walk on this part of Marland Heights where my FIL lives because the view is gorgeous. Well, for those previous times that we did, I never really knew that there is an island in the river between Weirton, West Virginia and Steubenville Ohio.
It just recently when me and Ms. Burrito went for a walk that I noticed  the island.  Hubby said that it's called Brown's Island.
Ain't that gorgeous?
Thanks for coming by everyone. I have been so busy gardening these days that I haven't really have time to fully bloghop. I apologized if I seldom visit you guys. I'll make it up to you soon.


  1. love the island and how you framed it with those lovely trees in the photo ;-)


  2. Yes, the island looks so beautiful and idyllic. I love your place. It looks like a paradise with so many trees and wonders of nature. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  3. Gardening is an excellent reason for not visiting the blogosphere! Have you investigated this little island more? It looks inviting.

    Thanks for visiting today.

    The Gardening Life

  4. It is beautiful. Did you go on the island?

  5. That looks wonderful - I'd have to visit that if I was in the area!

  6. pagka nice sa in..

  7. It's indeed gorgeous bading, and relaxing

  8. Oh, that is really a magnificent view and the way you catch the island is so splendid. I think the island himself must be a lovely place for a visit.

    have a great time in your garden! with cordially greetings -


  9. Beautifyl and inviting Island.


  10. What a beautiful place for a walk... Lovely photos... Isn't it cool that life is so full of surprises and there is always something new to discover...

  11. Beautiful shots, great capture of the island. Happy Watery Wednesday!

  12. Islands have a special charm & yr shots are lovely.

    TQ for visiting n commenting on my blog:)

  13. I can see why you'd want to walk there....what a gorgeous scene!!!

  14. Beautiful photos with some nice frames.

  15. The island and the whole view are gorgeous, Rose...

    Happy gardening :)

  16. It is a lovely spot--can you go across to the island? That would be fun. Have a great weekend. Mickie :)

  17. It's beautiful. Love all your photos.

  18. ganda nang place...overlooking! visiting here sis...trying to dig some of your posts na namissed ko.

  19. The island is beautiful!

  20. you are lucky to be in a place where beautiful views are around. :)

  21. Great entry for WW! Looks a very nice place to visit!
    Thanks for sharing;o)

    Happy day****


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