Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Windy and Chilly

The weather yesterday was pretty cold because it was windy but today, it's tolerable.  Above is the shot I took when we  were going home from my FIL's.  Can you tell where I took it from?


  1. This is a really cool photo, at first glance a golf ball effect, I love it

  2. Thanks Cindy!

    @Kat.. yeah it's inside the car but what part of the car is it? lol..

  3. Either you were inside the car or doing a snow angel and that shot is the lens of the camera. :-)

  4. Did you sing I am dreaming of a white Christams, and now your dream coem true.

    Don't know where you took the photo, you got out of the car?

  5. Wow, the weather seemed to be very cold as evidenced by your photo. I hope you and your family can cope with the very cold weather condition in your place. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  6. I guess from a glass window? Hehehe Here's mine thanks http://www.terryannemary.com/2011/01/watery-wednesday-8-glass-of-water.html

  7. Looks so dramatic, Rose...


  8. this is a cool photo, Rose! i love the textured effect and the twigs look like cracks. terrific shot.

  9. Really like this image... very textural...

  10. Looks to me like perhaps from a car window? Neat photo!!!!

    My Wednesday post link In Search of the Elusive WHOLE Sand Dollar


  11. It looks quite wet, indeed! It was cold here yesterday & very windy, too, not my kinda day! LoL!

  12. I guess you are inside a car or taking a picture in the window? heheh Pretty one. Happy WW!

    Mine is here

  13. Looks like a fun windshield shot. I love the patterns you find that way.

  14. Were you on a bridge? Wherever you are, I hope you were comfortable and warm and not outdoors in that freezing weather!

  15. It has a pretty golf- ball effect. Did you take it lying down on the back seat of the car?


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