Monday, February 1, 2010


My kids and I shared the same passion when it comes to watermelon. We all love it except my husband. But you know what, even if he is not fond of eating it, he buys it for us. That is how loving my super duper ex-boyfriend is. Thanks hon!

So here we go, we cut it in half, we didn't slice it instead I just fed them because I did not want them to get messy lol.


  1. watermelon is very common here during summer or even this month.. sarap niyan when you go to beach.. lagi kame me dala niyan.. :)

  2. naku, my son also loves watermelon! pero ayaw niya if i feed him on spoon. he want a huge slice and eat it from there. very, very messy nga. tulo hanggang sahig hihi

  3. I love watermelons too... it is my fave fruit. I love that you just scoop the flesh instead of cutting it up... less messy I agree.

  4. Is it a seedless watermelon Rose? Parang hindi kayo naba bother sa mga seeds. Normally, hindi basta susubuan nang magulang ang maliliit niyang anak kung me seeds pa yung watermelon at baka malulon nila ito. Yun kasi ang nakakainis sa pagkain nang pakwan, yung sangrekwang buto, lol. Thanks for the juicy post. God bless you all always.

  5. Hi KuyaM, opo seedless po yung pakwan, bihira naman kasi ang may buto na tinitinda dito, puro sila mabilisan lagi kaya preferred ang seedless.

  6. Well, it is thirst quenching, and very nutritious! Good thing the kids love to eat fruit.

  7. Water melon water melon papaya papaya banana banana banana banana fruit salad fruit salad. hehehe kanta yan bakla. Jake too love water melon, pwedi rin pala ito sa watery hehe galing ng bakla ahhh

  8. Here water melon is a summer fruit. Sam loves it so much that he has it everyday.

  9. Hello, I've been busy these past few days... Good thing my mom and dad are back in each others arms again after two years of separation... Want to know more, visit my current post.... (Dad's Seattle and Vancouver Trip)


  10. Oh what a fun thing to do we all love watermelon...Happy watery Wednesday..Mine is up.

    mine is up

  11. my kiddo loves it as well!

    remember me? it's been a while friend. hope you'll visit again ;)

  12. yes is counted in watery wednesday because watermelon is a very watery fruit...heheheh

    mine is here

  13. My kids & everybody in the family loves water melon hindi kami nawawalan ng water melon especially during summer. Masarap na healthy pa. Cute photos Mare!


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