Friday, February 12, 2010

He gave me a ring..

A fruit ring hehehe. Am sure I got you with my title lol. I am just kidding, we love this cutie oranges fruits from California and we always have two baskets of these in the table.
Usually it last for days and we need to get another batch again. We all love it because they are sweet and it is a must in this kind of weather so we won't have colds hehehe.
So what do you think of my fruity ring?


  1. hihihihi.. i thought you got a diamond ring for valentine's day!!


  2. LOL LOL.. you got me there.. maiinggit na sana ako eh haha... pero inggit ako sa ring mo, penge..

  3. got me alright...super laki kaya ng ring mo!

    woi, madami yan sa bakod namin sis...looks like tangerines! sweeter than oranges....if you live next are free to harvest! honestly we have plenty of those in our yard...wala lang kumakain...:)

  4. you have a heart like a child and that's what I love most about you.. so sweet of you to look at.. look at that ring and smile you have, it made me smile too.

    btw, added all your blogs and your husby too in blogroll in my baby blog. wala pa ko launching or promotional event (grand launching ba, lol) for my new blog, haha. i just posted in my existing blog about it since it still under transition, haha, thanks for following.. mwaaah..

  5. u got me there..hahaha akala q expensive ring as in...hehehehe

  6. your lucky 2 have a wonderful family=)
    godbless po :)

  7. hi sis! that's a unique and yummy ring! hehehe

  8. Kaloka ka talaga bakla, paglaruan ba naman ang orange, nadali ako dun ahh. Akala ko pa nman diamondang ring na bigay waaaa

  9. jake and i love cuties, too though it is a little bit pricey, it is very sweet :-) ring though. Rose!

  10. Ayos a! hihihi! Having fun while snacking!

  11. Looks more precious than a diamond ;)

  12. Nailigaw mo talaga kami. Akala ko sa singsing eh candy katulad nang life saver o fruit loops breakfast cereal. Yun pala orange, lol. Napakalaki namang ring niyan, hehehe, lol. Bigyan mo rin si John nang ring mo at irenew nyo ang marriage vows nyo gamit ang orange ring, lol. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  13. hello:D advance happy valentines day to you and to your loved ones!!!!

    check out my new post:

    Be happy:D

  14. nice one dear! really cute! I followed your blog too!

  15. Clementines ba yan? I love that too, sweet, di nakakasawa, saka very soft. Yummm.

  16. hehe. that's cute sis!

    happy heart's day too! (",)

  17. Happy Valentine's Day to you and your husband,Ate Rose!!Ok na sa akin yang fruity ring mo lol!!


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