Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Jejudo - Korea

I came across this interesting meme called Outdoor Wednesday from Miranda's page so I decided to join.
This photo was taken when we had our island hopping in Jeju Island last may. The Korean built this depicting a volcano where the dragon was hiding (Do you see the head of the dragon in front of the cave?). We've watched a show about it on our second night of stay there and it was beautiful. You can see the lava flowing and rolling down and the dragon came out which scared our son lol..


  1. What a sweetie, and that smile would just melt your heart!

    Love the rocks on the beach.
    They look like they are leaning. =0)


    barbara jean

    PS Thanks for coming by for a visit.

  2. Hi.. you have a wonderful daughter and voted for her!! hehhee.. very nice blogs.. will be around to peek your latest post

  3. Hi.. you have a wonderful daughter and voted for her!! hehhee.. very nice blogs.. will be around to peek your latest post

  4. Welcome to Outdoor Wednesday! I love the rock formation, very interesting. I bet it did scare the little guy when the dragon came out - it would have scared me haha! Thanks for stopping by. Kathy

  5. Rose, yung mga bato ba mga form ng ulo ng dragon yun? marami di ba?

  6. I do...I DO see the dragon.

    Mine today is the Annual Jazz Festival in town. Come by if you can. CLICK HERE

    Have a glorious Wednesday.

  7. Great sight seeing!! I voted for your sweet girl!

  8. island hopping...that sounds fantastic!

  9. Thanks for showing us your part of the world! I saw the dragon in the middle!

  10. Yeah! We are ahead! Pwede pala mag vote uli!

  11. She has sweet smile. Wonderful post!

  12. Just cast my vote. I will be back dear one.

  13. hi there, just have one little favor..please vote for Efren Penaflorida by checking my blog.. your vote means a lot.thanks =)

  14. I have voted twice :-). I do hope she wins. Have a great Outdoor Wednesday.

  15. ka nice:) so you are presently residing now in korea sis? you have a lovely family:)godbless!

  16. Interesting post. Sorry your little one got frightened. Thank you for visting Ms Reba & I for Outdoor Wednesday.

  17. May outdoor wed rin pala na meme bakla hehehe. grabe na talaga ang blogworld. Anyway, as usual your photo here parang kasama ako sa hopping ninyo kahit sa pic mn lng hehe.
    visit muna ako ibang ka tribe natin bakla kisses and hugs sa chubskulit mo at sa maming bakla

  18. waaaaaaa...pinakyaw mo na ang mga meme sa blog land sis....hehehehe...joke!

    nako ako wala akong time sa meme kasi super busy ang lola mo....been doing a lot of readings for my book report....

    musta na jan? dpa ako nakapag blog hop kasi busy ako kanina....

    daan me muna dito....sige...mwah! miss you!

  19. fascinating cave. yes, i did see the dragon. :)

    musta buhay buhay natin sis?

  20. wow, ni-enjoy niyo talaga outdoor in Korea..thanks for sharing photos..


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