Friday, October 20, 2017

Why Holistic Education is Important to Every Child

Education has always played a huge role in molding everyone into better persons. As a parent, it is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your children. You need to ensure that they get proper education to be able to achieve their dreams and become successful in the future.

Holistic education is what every child needs these days. This type of education is one that helps them develop their whole self mind, body, and spirit. The holistic perspective also means supporting their entire well-being and that they can be taught in a more fun, exciting, and natural way. It prepares children to become well-rounded adults and at the same time to empower them. In addition, there are numerous schools that offer this kind of education nowadays, like the CBSE schools in Abu Dhabi that ensures quality education for all students. It is also used in countries like Singapore, Japan and India.

So, here are some reasons why holistic education is important to every child:

Holistic education prioritizes physical health and well-being
One of the best takeaways of holistic education is the improvement it brings to children’s health. It actually focuses on the activities that develop children’s physical well-being, such as exploring the outdoors, learning sounds and letters, and playing with friends. Also, when children are healthy and they eat proper food, they can easily learn.

Holistic education involves others
Once your children are enrolled in a holistic school, part of the curriculum would be extending children’s learning in a wider community, including family members and other people. Holistic education invites families to share stories, talk to people, as well as get to know other families and staff of the school. This way, your children can interact with more people and learning becomes a social activity then.

Holistic education integrates values
With holistic education, children are more exposed to important values in life. Their well-being is always considered in the learning process, so their confidence and other internal values are easily developed. They will eventually learn how to offer help, wait for their turn, and share with others. These might be simple values, but these got a high impact on every child’s life. Knowing that your children has these values will make you feel proud as a parent.
Holistic education teaches creativity
New ideas come from creativity. By being creative, you can have the power to gain new things and apply these through an innovative way. However, you won’t be able to become creative unless you are not open to other concepts. Through holistic education, children can hone their collaborative and creative skills in activities, including drama, music, visual arts, dance, and debate.
As the world continues to change, education also needs to keep up. Holistic education can be of great help in building children’s personality, character, and skills. So, if you want your children to get the best education, be sure to consider this holistic approach. You will be able to witness the positive impact and benefits of this type of education and you will never regret it. Your children will certainly grow as confident, skilled, and better individuals.


  1. Good job to your baby girl who is all grown up now, I totally agree with you about the holistic activity for the young generations. This way it could give them more meaning in their life and at the same time gain more friends.


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