Friday, February 21, 2014

Domain and Page Authority #February2014

I signed up for a blogging opportunity this morning and it requires to put down the blog stats such as page ranks, domain authority, and page authority.  I got to update my  blogs domain authority and I am sad to see that all of them have dropped down.  I don't understand it too because I  work hard everyday to have  all of them enough traffic but  it is still not enough.  Oh well, after a disappointing tax income return we had last night when we did our taxes, I am not motivated to do any kind of blog promotion today.
I am not sure what the difference of the domain authority to page authority is  but  since it is now being looked at by advertisers, I took the liberty to checked them.
Two of my blogs used to have in mid 40s domain authority but they all came down.  How about you?


  1. Aw me too. I used to have 30 DA, but went down to 28. Any idea why this happened? :(

  2. I don't understand this stuff about domain or page authority. I try to read about it a lot but since I am not a tech person, I just brush it off. My focus is to write down my thoughts and share them with whoever is interested to read it. That alone makes me happy.

  3. I don't check as often, only when required. I think DA is almost similar to PR but probably different sets of metrics are observed. Nevertheless, they both measure a blog's traffic/in-out links and such.

  4. Wow! You have too many blogs na pala ate. I admire your passion in writing.

  5. I don't either know what's the difference, but i just hope to know more how to maintain the domain or increase them.

  6. My DA went down too Rose, but I just keep writing :) I am enjoying my time blogging, I am glad that this hobby turned out to be an extra income generator too :)

  7. It is only lately that I learned of domain authority: ) I have only one blog and have a hard time updating. I have so many blog ideas but I do not have much time to blog. I am happy that somehow I am earning a bit

  8. wow that a lot sis! I only have one and still struggling hehe though my domain&Page authority is both in 40+ i think. I guess we just love blogging but sometimes it is nice to know that they are somehow looks high in numbers to be able to accept $$$

  9. Sis Rose,
    I am clueless but would love the DA at least 30 but am sure my blogs are lower than yours. I am so sorry about your income tax filing, hope you get a return :-) Ours is coming next week. The husband will use the money to pay the property tax :-( I wish we could use it for a trip :-)

  10. I'm using blogspot but in the future I have to use a paid domain. Right now I don't know about this thing. Only, I monitored my pageviews and the territories where it came from. I have 71 blogs in all, so I cannot give full support with each one. I gave my full attention to the new blogs which were doing greatly so far.

  11. Uh oh, I think I have to work on this too! Thanks for this! Whew! :D

  12. I'm not so familiar with domain authority. Glad to learn something new here.

  13. WOW! Those are a lot of blogs and with high domain authorities too!

  14. Wow, you have a lot of blogs sis - never knew. A lot of bloggers have so much blogs I can't even manage my own (one) blog myself at times, lol. I am not sure how Domain Authority and Page works but posting more original content helps - there was one time, it dropped down but it rose up again... by just posting original content.. and doing the usual thing hehe..


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