Monday, August 26, 2013

Sing for Hope

Being artistic is more than just a gift, it is a talent that needs to be shared with the world. Talented musicians have the power to change people's moods by brightening their day or teach others how to use their natural gifts. Sing for Hope is a charity organization that helps reach out to areas that may not have access to the resources they need to support the creative arts.

Street pianos New York at is just one of the exciting demonstrations performed by the talented artists. Other programs include dynamic arts curricula, healing arts programs that perform in healthcare facilities and a community arts program. The diverse programs within the charity are all designed to promote a positive attitude towards creative arts and allow performers to explore their talents further.

By focusing on artistic talents, Sing for Hope is able to enhance the mood of many people who are limited. Volunteer artists can go in groups to visit people who need a smile on their face and could not go to a live show elsewhere. Music and art is important to the healing process, and by volunteering your artistic skills you can help make a difference in other people's lives.


  1. They say music soothes the savage beast...

  2. i love music and love more when it is being sung by talented singer

  3. I'm a big fan of music. I just have specific genre that I listen to.


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