Monday, August 5, 2013


A blurry   photo that my daughter took of me.  I call this one, dreaming, lol.

Yes, I am dreaming of visiting my family back home but it would  remain a wish and a dream for now.  We don't have the budget yet.  Flying alone would cost around ten grand for the four of us, whew!  My children  suggested that we should start a project "A Dime a Day" so we can save money for Philippine visit.  I told them that it would take forever to save that much but I admire them for thinking that way..


  1. Hope you can take a vacay soon! Nice thinking of your kids at least they know that they need to save first.

  2. lovely kids indeed for thinking that idea

  3. what your suggested brought lots of smiles here Rose, you really have very sweet and kind-hearted kids, am sure, they bring you and your hubby so much priceless joy. hope you'll be able to take a vacation soon, indeed, it's not cheap to take vacation in Philippines, just the flight alone cost us a lot already

  4. Hopefully one of these days sooner then later you will be able to go home to the Philipines for a visit.

  5. It does cost so much to travel, hopefully you will find a good deal and be able to go sooner than expected.

  6. hope you can make it home soon

  7. It is so expensive to travel. Have you Skyped with your family? That would probably help a lot.

  8. wow! it's pretty expensive you bet! however, when you look for a better plane ticket and at the same time you can ask for discount since there's 4 of your going.. might be a reasonable price to visit homeland... dime for a day is also interesting...

  9. I dream of going back to the Philippines too but can't yet. hubby is still in school ad I will be n school too in a year or so.:(

  10. Me too , I've been dreaming for 3 yrs now since our last visit. A lot of our friends says go on trip as much as we can until we get our child. And i know why is that so, everything cost a lot once you have kids.

  11. It is really expensive to visit back home. Hubby and I are also talking of saving some for our trip , God knows when.

    I admire the kind hearts of your children. Not all kids can think in such manner. I pray that our generous God will provide for you so you can visit Philippines.

  12. Keep dreaming and it will become a reality soon :-) Dang, it's 4 full tickets right? Do you avail miles? My miles is now equivalent to one trip back and forth to anywhere in the world. My passport expired though, that is why, all travels are halted at this moment. Hope next year, you all can go back home.


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