Friday, February 18, 2011

Sky Watching

 We visited my SIL the other day and I got to take  some photos of the sky while hubby drove.
 Then we proceeded to visit my FIL an d took the one below on our way there.
Happy birthday to my husband, He'll be very happy if you could drop by at his blog and leave him some greetings. Thanks everyone!


  1. I do a lot of "clicking" while my husband is driving... Nice shots from your car.

  2. Lovely sky shots, Rose :)

  3. Looks like you have a very beautiful day. And seems that the plane above is busy too. ^_^ Happy Friday!
    Sky Watch

  4. Happy Birthday to your husband! Nice bright sun --always a beautiful sight. Mickie

  5. Gorgeous! Hope you all had a nice celebration!

  6. Love the first one Rose!
    You've been having much better skies up there than I am down here.
    I'm going to head over and wish John a Happy Birthday. :)

  7. did I not.. hehehe.. wala ng snow? as in nauubos.. where did it all go? lol..

  8. nice shots, happy bday to your hubby :)

  9. Happy birthday to your husband! It's good to take photos while sitting in your car. My hands are always freezing when I take photos on a winter walk.

  10. Such beautiful captures, Rose!

  11. Lovely shots. I hope your husband has a happy birthday!

  12. These are really beautiful. Happiness to you!

  13. That was such a beautiful shot of the sky in your place. You caught the changing of colors of the setting sun. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.


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