Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Needed Upgrade for Window Treatments

When hubby and I bought our home, there was an existing  window blinds.   We bought some  curtain panels but we did not buy  any curtain rods as we found some wooden  platform at the attic that  is custom made for the windows.  We just use velcrow to hang the curtains.  This is an old style  of hanging curtain  and I think that  we need an  upgrade  for our window treatments.  

I was looking at the selection of  beautiful window treatment products at Drapery Rods Direct and found some  beautiful styles.  They have everything that you need  for window treatments.  From decorative metal drapery to other accessories, you will find it at the above mentioned website.  I like their selections of Rings by DRD and other products.  Right now, they have a 20% sale on all Kirsch hardware, you  might want to check that out if you want to save some money in buying the hardware for your window treatments.  

I have to set aside some  money to buy a new set of curtains  as  my other half wanted to replace the  original set that we bought.  Right now, I replaced it with the curtains that we used at our home when we lived in South Korea few years ago.  It has a summer  theme which brings cool and bright atmosphere and ambiance  to our living room.  The first set of curtain that we bought  was a match for the  living room set  that we have but now that it is getting wore out, we want to completely change  both the living room set and the curtains.    I told hubby that we would do that altogether when we have  the budget.  Right now, I am settled with the one curtains that I  am using.  For more information about the website I mentioned, just visit any of the links provided above.

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