Sunday, April 1, 2012

How to Find the Best Cheap Deals and Holiday Discounts

It’s no secret that the holiday industry is full of great holiday deals and discounts - so whether you’re on a strict budget, you love good deals or if you’re just watching the pennies, you can always find some welcome deals on your next getaway.  When it comes to discount holidays, package tour operators are often the best place to start. You’ll still get all the benefits of an all-in package holiday to a huge range of traditional holiday destinations - with flights, accommodation and resort transfers included - but you can get it at a fraction of the normal price.

Take Thomas Cook holidays for instance. One of the biggest package holiday tour operators in the business, Thomas Cook is a well-established company that’s gives you all the assurances and advantages of a big company - including big discounts when they need to shift their holiday stock. Rather than letting hotel rooms go vacant, tour operators will often slash the cost of their holidays the closer you get to the departure date - meaning you still get the same holiday minus the original price.

The best late deals go to those who are flexible with their holiday criteria. The less particular you are about exact location, local resort, hotel and even your departure airport, the more likely you are to find a real gem of a holiday deal. In addition if you can take holidays off-peak - such as at the start or end of the Summer season or outside of school holidays, you’re more likely to bring the cost down and for those who don’t like crowds, your resort should be quieter too.

On the other hand, you can often find great deals by booking early. They’re not always as impressive as late deals but you can still get a nice chunk off the average cost of your chosen holiday, plus you get the added benefit of choice.

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  1. I love discounts! thank you so much for sharing this!


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