Friday, January 13, 2012

Employee Incentive Programs

I chatted with one of my friends that I work with when I was still in the Philippines. She also works in school and she envy my situation that I can just be a stay at home mom. She said that if she would be given a chance, the would stay home and take care of her kids rather than hiring a maid to the job for her. She also updated me with some of the incentive programs that the school has for all the employees. She said that it isn't much but it would help their finances a little bit. The school where I work is a private one so the benefits is not really stable unlike the one public schools. In public school, whatever incentive programs the government has, most of the employees will benefit from it. I private sector, the incentive depends on the performance of the company, if it's good then you'll get a decent amount but if the company is doing poorly, then you'll end up having just a few. I believe the employee recognition at the school where I work is being awarded during foundation day celebration. That is when the awardees are being given recognition with prizes. I could have been one of those employees a couple of years ago hehehe but I don''t regret my decision. I a happy where I am now and with who I am, which is my heart and soul. my family!

But anyhow, if you are looking for a car, most of the car dealers nowadays are offering different kinds of online rewards and incentives when you buy a vehicle. My husband like the warranty that the KIA is giving to the customers. You may check out the Online Rewards website to see which vehicle offers huge incentive o r rewards.

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