Sunday, January 29, 2012

30 Day Diabetes Cure

My former boss when I was still working as a student assistant was a diabetic. He was the Vice President at the Finance Office of the school where I graduated but is now assigned at the Catholic Trade in Manila. Aside from being a student assistant at the office, the priest administrators also helped me by letting me and one of the student assistants to live at the living quarter in school. It was a big help for me because I did not have to worry about my board and lodging expenses. But anyhow, I remember Fr. Joaquin watching the food that he eats because of his diabetic. He also takes regular medication for it. He used to instruct the cook at the quarters about his diabetic meal plan and the food that he shouldn't be eating. We still communicate till now but I haven't had the chance to ask if he still have the health problem that he had before. I wonder if he still follows the same diabetic meal plan and eat the same diabetic snacks like the way he did before. I hope that his health is getting better. I would like for my kids to meet this priest because he was a big part of where I am and who I am now. He was a like father to me when I was still a student.

Anyhow, if you are looking for some sources about diabetes information, you should check out 30 Day Diabetes Cure website. According to the information I read from this website, you can actually get rid of the drugs you are taking for your diabetes as long as you follow a healthy and appropriate meal plan. You can also read articles that are related to healing diabetes. We don't have diabetic in the family so I do not know much about the things that you should and should not eat. I found out that wild salmon is one perfect food for healing the people with diabetes.

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