Friday, February 5, 2010

Asian Bloom

My daughter had an accident in the kitchen the other night. She accidentally dropped one of our plates in the kitchen floor and it got tore up into pieces. My husband was shocked that it got broke because it was one of best quality of dishes that we had. I think the impact of how it dropped on the floor made it break. I told my daughter to be careful next time. She is very independent that she wants to do everything on her own. Geez, independence is not advantageous sometimes I guess.

But anyhow, speaking of dinner ware, I've found these gorgeous collection of Corelle Dinnerware sets at their website and fall in love with the set on the picture above. It is an Asian Bloom from Corelle Ultra and I love its style and design. Corelle is one of my favorite brands when it comes to dinnerwares because the quality is really good. If you will see our china cabinet, that is mostly the product that you will see, from Corelle. What I like about it is that they have different style like Livingware, Vive, Impression, Squares, Lifestyle, Ultra, and Hearthstone. I bet you would love their designs too, so if you are interested, visit the link.

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  1. Rylie is so helpful at her age. She sure will grow up a responsible daughter.
    Hey, I also love Corelle. Ours is Provincial Blue design. 'Like it so much.

    See you again, Rose!


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