Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Trendy Spike Studs

Abby - abby-sciuto Photo
photo is not mine

Have you ever watched the show "NCIS"?  My daughter love Pauley Perette's character as Abby.  Abby Sciuto is the offbeat but brilliant  forensic scientist on the show who's style of fashion is kinda Gothic.  She always wears this kind of studded shoes like the one in the photo.   I like her character as well although I am not very fond of the  kind of fashion she wears on the show.

If you are a fan of studded shoes  like this one, you should check out the selection at Jildor Shoes website.  They have different designs of  this kind of shoes with trendy spike studs.  They also carries different kinds  of shoes like Sneakers, Sparkle and Shine,    Adidas, Sandals, Slippers, and more.  So check  out their website for more selection of shoes.

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