Friday, April 6, 2012

Landscaping Project

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EnG Product Shot.pngWe spent our whole day today at the yard.  We went to  the store and bought us some shrubs and planted it in our front yard.  We also  dropped by at  the gardening store near our place and  canvas about the price of  gardening rocks.  My husband will be   picking it up tomorrow so we could finish the look of our landscaping project.  We are not a pro in  doing this kind of project but we are doing it ourselves because hiring a professional landscaper is very expensive.    I have four small packs of Expand ‘n Gro™ at home and I spread them out  together with the garden soil.  I want to try how effective this is in  taking care of my plants.   I am just a little worried that the new plants I just planted today will be affected by the cold weather  tonight.  We supposed to have 32 degrees  temperature tonight and I am not sure if  the plants will  be able to  battle that cold weather.    I hope and pray that  they would survive because those plants aren't cheap.  I dug out my saved money to buy those pines and other bushes  so I hope they  survive.  My  kids were fascinated that the content of the Expand n' Gro is different from the regular Miracle  Gro.  I explained what's inside and I told them the story about  what my father used to do with the coconut  skin to grow  orchids and they were pretty amazed.

If you want to  try this Expand n' Gro, you may leave a comment on this post and   you can receive a free sample.    Expand n' Gro is suppose to feed your plants for up to six months and significantly improve the soil for year.  This product is derived mainly from coconut husk  and I believe that it's effective as I stated  above from my father's experience.

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