Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Music Video Site

If you are a music lover like me, you would love this music video site that I found online.  You will be able to find Eminem Space Bound, Limp Bizkit Gold Cobra, Lenny Kravitz Stand and many more.  When I was still working, I couldn't  work in the office without turning on either our  radio  inside the office or my yahoo music.  I am inspired to work when there is music that I could listen to.  I collected some  CDs of my favorite artists and even brought some of those collection when I migrated here in the States.  I still listen to it whenever I have  free "Me-time" but most of the time, I listen to  my children's music hehehe.

Sometimes, I browse from different  online  sources just to get updates of the  latest   beat and hip in the music world.  The recent  website that I  usually checks on is the Muzu TV, a place where you can watch the official music video of your favorite singers or artists.  So if you are into music and you want to know the latest trend in the music industry, just tune in to Muzu TV. It is like  watching your favorite   artists on MTV.  Please visit any of the links provided above for more hot  music videos.

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