Friday, June 17, 2011

Ice Age

I gotcha! I am not talking about the movie but the the present from SIL on my birthday hehehe. Thanks a lot Chris!
It's a great addition to Ms. Burrito's plants/planter.
Have a safe weekend everyone!


  1. The gift looks so lovely,Ate Rose!

    re: ikaw talaga,we don't call it utang lol!what friends are for di vah?ikaw fa?!^_^

  2. wow lovely gift from your SIL...

    happy PF!

    hope you can drop by, thanks!

  3. That's cute. Parang a little garden gnome, errr... beaver. ;)

    Visiting via Pink Fridays. Here's mine: Scribble App

  4. sweet u kz kya mdami ngbbigay gifts sau:) ako din may utang sau (for that PC u sent)...layo mo kz mahal ang shipment haha...anyways, i'm keeping the thoughts in my heart. Someday, sooner...

  5. HI Rose.. ahahah.. ang ganda naman... bait ni SIL... pa dagdag pa Ry.. hahaha.. was here for PF... at

  6. That's nice! Indeed it's a beautiful addition to Rylie's plant/ planter collection. Baka mapagkamalan pang tutoo kamo! :D

    Be well!

  7. Love that green dress and green pot. Hey Rye save the rain water and water it to your plants specially your orchids. Make an ice cube from the rain water and put 2 or 3 ice cubes on the orchid pot. Do that every two or three weeks. ^_^

  8. so cute! bait naman ni SIL....dami mong flowers badingding.

  9. ang bait ng SIL, grabi :) lovely gifts

  10. oi ang na love ka talaga ni SIL Rose.

  11. Cute .. cute din ng dress ni rylie bagay sa mga plants :)

  12. I like your planter bading, kayo lng ba gumawa niyan?

  13. Ang cute nga ano? Pareho silang cute ni Rylie, hehehe. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  14. that's a nice burrito's looking pretty as always! have a great weekends! :)

  15. A perfect gift for a gardener like you little miss. Visiting from PF. Sorry for the late visit, though. Here's MINE. See you around.

  16. hi sis! hopping here. it's been awhile. nawala na ko sa top commentator hihi. hope to be back in your top list. hihi.


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