Monday, May 23, 2011

PC Tools

A couple of days ago, I thought  my  PC was infected with a virus again because it will just hang for no reason but thanks goodness that it was  the wireless  mouse that had a problem.  It gave up on me so my husband had to install the  other mouse (not wireless)  in my PC.  I am a little paranoid when it comes to  computer viruses after   my PC crushed    a few months ago so every time my PC is acting up, I would immediately assumed that it is infected  with a virus.

Having a good protection  for our computer unit is a must especially if you are visiting too many websites a day like me.  I am glad that the  computer technician who  fixed my PC recommended this good anti virus protection to us.  You can find the easy to use speed up tools  by visiting PC Tools website, just Click Here to  learn more about it.  PC Tools offers an Internet protection with their advanced anti virus and malware protection  software.  They also  provide  Windows tools that  could boost your PC's speed and optimize it's use.  For more details, please visit the site  through the link provided above.

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