Monday, March 7, 2011

My Imaginary Vacation

Uh-oh, it is almost one o'clock in the morning and I am still awake. I will be going to bed here shortly but first I want to finish my imaginary vacation. I have this habit lately of traveling the world virtually. Especially looking at the beautiful villas in Cyprus, oh it makes me really wish that I am physically traveling and enjoying the beautiful places there.  

One of the bloggers that I know and constantly visit  lives in Cyprus and I like  all of  his articles because he features   different kinds of bloggers  from around the world.  No wonder, the readers of his blog is getting hooked up in reading his  entries.  Just by reading and viewing all the photos that he is uploading in his site gives me the satisfaction of seeing different  places around the world without leaving the comfort of my own home.  Ain't Internet  a magical thing?

The Tower
You know, if I would be given an opportunity to travel the world, I would definitely  check out the listings of villa holidays and other  accommodations at Owners Direct.  You can find over 37,000 holiday homes that are for rent and you would be able to deal  with the transaction through the owner of the property.  Finding the place that you are looking for is very easy with their user friendly website.

To continue on with my imaginary  vacation, my husband  would really want to go to Normandy France so that he could visit the place where his uncle who died in the service and was laid to rest  at the  above mentioned place.  He said that  when the kids are  grown up already and we have  some savings to travel, he definitely want to visit there.  I wouldn't mind traveling anywhere in the world you know.  But who knows, I might get lucky and  realize my dream hehehe.  For now, I gotta hit the hay and  continue my imaginary vacation in my DREAMS.. Goodnight everyone!

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