Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dolphin Dream

Discovering the blog hobby gives me the opportunity to jot down my thoughts, meet friends and pals, and give me the chance to explore the world though visiting other blogs. I always enjoy those blogs which contains travels and different kinds of leisure.

One of the things that I am excited about is that when I see a picture or a video of dolphins swimming. It's one of my fantasy, to see dolphins that are show casing their talents because I only see them on TV. Hopefully I would be able to watch it for real in the future.

Does anyone of you ever watch a dolphin performance? It would be so much fun to watch especially if you have your kids with you. I remember when my husband's family went to one of the largest zoo in PA, Rylie had so much fun watching all the different kinds of animals especially the different kinds of sea creatures. It was so much fun and I hope that it would happen again.

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