Sunday, January 31, 2010

For the love of Photography

Both my husband and I love photography as one of our hobbies. We might not be the best photographers in the world but we love taking photos of everything that catches our interests. I was so happy when hubby gave me a new digital camera as a gift for my birthday last year.

I think our two little ones got that trait from us because at an early age, they are very interested in taking photos too. Our four and a half years old daughter can take very good photos already. She wishes to have her own camera too. I told my husband that I would give our old one to our daughter but he said that we should preserve it as it has sentimental value to us.

He said that we can find discount consumer electronics online and just buy our daughter a new one. He is right because I found this Fujifilm digital camera with 8.2 megapixel for only $34.99 at Prime electronic components. I can't believe how low the price is. If you are looking for some electronic devises, check them out because they have discounted products available.

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