Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Online College Courses

When we were in Korea, my husband successfully finished his associate degree online. There are online colleges  that offers courses for those working adults who wants to continue with their education despite of their busy schedules and commitments.

One great advantage of online courses is that you can choose what time would be best for you to take the class. In other words, you can attend to your classes according to your convenient time. It is much cheaper because you don't have to drive to go to the school which saves you money from gas expenses. You can just attend classes at the very comfort of your own home.

Choosing the degree you want to achieve is very easy because they have specialized courses offered. If not with online course, my husband will not be able to finish his degree when we were in Korea because he was working all the time but with the help of Online colleges, he successfully did it.

Now he is enrolled again to finish his bachelor's in one of the big universities in the area. Hopefully he would be able to knock this degree fast because he already some credits from his associate degree so I a keeping my fingers crossed.

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