Friday, December 25, 2009

Classes to Start soon

Hey there everyone, how's your Christmas been? We celebrated our Christmas here at My father-in-laws house. Family and friends came over to celebrate it with us. We cooked some foods, baked cookies, and eat..

I am glad that before we left Korea, we did some shopping online already and have it delivered here. It arrived before us, so shopping wasn't a stress for me at all. All I did was wrapped them and we were set. Internet technology helped a lot during my online shopping spree. I did comparison and all that online in a very comfort of my home.

Hubby will be starting his class at Robert Morris University on the ninth. He is enrolled in Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Medicine Technology. He is going to be busy in the following months to come. Rapidshare Search and other search engines will be his usual buddies once again with his school reports and researches.

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